Dr. I-Chia Sun

General Practitioner

metta medicine & wellness

Metta is the Pali word for “Loving Kindness” and is the root Buddhist teaching that informs Dr. Sun’s approach to the Body, Mind and Spirit. Dr. Sun draws extensive experience from both western and eastern medicine to provide a holistic approach in seeing and treating the individual. As a western trained Family Physician, Dr. Sun is aware that all too often, the root causes of disease and illness may be overlooked in the western model. Integrating the best of both worlds can help provide the conditions for the body to do what it is designed to do, to heal.

Dr. Sun received her Medical Degree and Family Medicine training at the University of Saskatchewan in 2001. She completed the Certificate of Medical Acupuncture through the University of Alberta in 2007, where she studied under the inspiration of Dr. Steven K.H. Aung.