Jane Williams

Senior Physiotherapist

Jane Williams is a registered physiotherapist working in Canada since 1986. She graduated from the Otago School of Physiotherapy in New Zealand in 1979 and from the Auckland School of Physiotherapy in 1985 with an Advanced Diploma of Physiotherapy with a special interest in manual therapy.

Jane has practiced and taught Therapeutic Touch internationally since 1987. She graduated as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner in 1997. Jane assisted Carrie Hall in Level I and II courses in Diagnosis and Treatment of Muscle Imbalances and Associated Movement Impairment Syndromes as taught by Shirley Sahrmann during the 1990’s. She began her studies in Spacial Dynamics® in 1999 and graduated as an International Trainer in 2010 and is now on faculty of the Spacial Dynamics Institute teaching and assisting in courses in Canada. Jane is on the faculty for the West Coast Institute for studies in Anthroposophy and has taught Spacial Dynamics courses in the Early Childhood Teacher Training Programmes. She also teaches postural education courses with her colleague Angelica Reeve. Jane is a certified Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist.

Jane has always had an interest in complementary health, always striving in her own self development, continually developing an integrated approach in her work, drawing from her various trainings and bringing many possible approaches in crafting highly personalised treatment plans.